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On / The Art of Failure

$5.00 USD

Distribution / 05.2018

36 pages, saddle-stitched, 2-color Risograph, 8x10 inches

First edition of 50 copies

In 'The Queer Art of Failure', Halberstam describes failure as being against the heteronormative measure of success; he suggests the queer body harnesses or holds failure in its being. Failure is productive yet against production. Harnessing a failure isn't a clear and simple deceit, but it does suggest a secretive knowing. This is where 'On / The Art of Failure' came into conception, as an idea and as a publication. For this first edition of 'On', Chicago editor and publisher Gabrielle Welsh explores how the ways of harnessing or re-purposing a range of failures — shitty experiences, art pieces that got terrible critique, works of theory that took five or more times to read through, or living outside the normative — are unique and personal to different people. Welsh gathers six artists whose pieces deal with failure in some right: Vivian Brockman, Caroline Cash, Hannah Cusimano, Max Hart, Tyler Kensek, and Ola Wilk-Branas. Designed by Mia Hopkins and printed by Gabrielle Welsh.

United States - $3.00 USD
International - $5.00 USD