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Poetics of the Ordinary

$18.00 USD

SS-002 / 06.2018

110 pages, perfect-bound, B+W laser + 1-color Riso/offset, 4.75×7.75 inches

First edition of 50 copies

A contradiction lies at the heart of any attempt to attend to the ordinary. How does one study “what we overlook”? The ordered and ignorable fades into background so we may go about living our lives undistracted. To make the effort and resist the daily quotidian acts of generalization means to allow the extraordinary that dwells at the heart of the ordinary to make itself known. In so doing, we find our subject retreats from us. The ordinary always withdraws, impossible to apprehend. What does this contradiction generate for creativity? To confront it is to confront disappointment, to remain open to the possibility of a further reality inside the apparent reality, and to “the further self, in oneself and in others.”*

— Matthew Goulish

'Poetics of the Ordinary' features the writings of Emily A. Davis, Ry Suraski, Thorsten Sahlin, ZoÏ Doehrer, Angelina Almukhametova, Qiuchen Wu, Cherish Harber, Clarence Herdrich, Qiuchen Wu, Wyatt Red, Elena Chimaera, Chloe Harrington, Austin White, Franz Liu Phaedra Sioulas, and Jessie McCarty. 'Poetics' is a collection of stories, poems, plays, and essays.

*Stanley Cavell, Conditions Handsome and Unhandsome, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990), 125.

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